Your Questions About Exercise Videos

Betty Your Questions About Exercise Videos

Betty asks…

What are some of the best workout videos I can buy to burn major calories?

I’m looking to lose the fat off of my lower stomach and also my love handles. I have a few exercise videos but Ive done them so many times that try are boring now. I am very toned from cheerleading and gymnastics. But I just can’t seem to lose the tummy fat. Also, I work out almost everyday.

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breelaun answers:

For a more general and very effective calorie burning program, try these Exercise Videos I am offering here. I do a new different video every week, with new workouts. They focus on core strengthening and will definitely burn that tummy fat off!

Mark Your Questions About Exercise Videos

Mark asks…

what are the best workout videos to lose weight?

what videos do you guys like? i need to lose around 25-30 lbs.
im 5’5 150 lbs. i know its not going to be fast. but i want to at least drop those 30 lbs by July or Aug. i already have a diet going but i need some workout dvds.
i was thinking of trying tae bo

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breelaun answers:

Tae Bo is fun, I have nothing against it, but there are alot of new and up to date things out there that can really maximize your peak performance.  If your looking for something fun and new, then I truly suggest my online videos at,  it’s not full of complicated movements but core blasting workouts that you can do from anywhere…Anytime!

Also check out these Exercise Videos for losing Weight and Keeping it Off!

Donna Your Questions About Exercise Videos

Donna asks…

Best Workout Videos (dvd) to do at home?

What do you find are the best work out videos? Please exclude the Carmen Electra tapes since I own them, I want something that seems personal, thats a good, sweating workout, and can do in the comfort of your home. And is relatively new, nothing from the 90′s or early 00′s.


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breelaun answers:

I have a created a Core Strengthening Workout Videos series for working out at home or anywhere you have a laptop  and an internet connection. You will get 2 personal training Videos a week – All New, Fresh and Motivating!  Its fun and it will get you sweating! Check it out here.

John Your Questions About Exercise Videos

John asks…

what is the best workout video or system?

I had a baby about 11 months ago and I am trying to find something to tone up my “baby” fat, can anyone tell me any workout systems or videos work the best and have the best results? I just want to tone and lose the fat around my midsection mostly but anything with toning the whole body will do.

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breelaun answers:

I hope your a woman using your husbands profile icon smile Your Questions About Exercise Videos . I personally use my own system to stay in shape, becasue it’s effective and doesn’t take all day. I bike around the trails in my area and eat small meals through out the day, without stuffing myself.

So stop by and try out, might as well enjoy our work outs.

Are Exercise Videos Worth the Price?

Workout Videos 150x150 Are Exercise Videos Worth the Price? If you are like most people, you have a wide variety of workout tapes and DVDs at home that you have accumulated over the years. Maybe you did them once or twice, or maybe you even stuck with them for a few months until you got bored with the repetition. Although working out at home is certainly easier than getting yourself to a gym, exercise videos aren’t necessarily a whole lot of fun.



The primary problem with exercise videos is that once you have done them a few times, there is simply no excitement there. You find yourself not even paying attention to the instructor anymore because you already know what they are going to say. That same repetition affects your body, too, as you are doing the same routine over and over, eventually not making any more progress.


Variety of Exercise Videos

Of course, if you have an endless supply of money, you can buy hundreds of exercise videos so you can change them up every single day, but that is hardly worth the price or the effort. That is one of the reasons why was developed. This is a unique online resource that provides you with different videos all the time so you will always have a new and different workout.


“The videos are easy to watch because I don’t have to hook up my DVD, and it’s nice knowing it will be something different twice a week.”

-       Abigail, TX


How Does the Exercise Videos Membership Work?

When you sign up with, you will get access to two new 30 minute workouts per week, which means that you will have eight brand new workouts per month. In other words, it is much more like going to a gym where the class will be different and you just don’t know what to expect.

This variation in training and exercises means that your body will react better and you won’t get bored. In fact, you will be excited about each new workout because it will be a challenge.


What Do You Need for the Exercise Videos Workouts?

These exercise videos do not require you to have any fancy equipment, nor do you need a whole lot of room. Because they are only 30 minutes in length, they are ideal for doing on your lunch break at work, while you are home in the evening, or even while you are traveling. The advantage of having them online means that wherever your computer is, you can work out. You no longer have to worry about hooking up your DVD player and preventing everyone else’s access to the television.

“These are a lot of fun and even though they are thirty minutes, you still get a great workout.”

-       John, IA


What Do You Get with the Exercise Videos Membership?

In addition to the brand new eight online exercise videos per month (two per week), you will also gain access to a huge library of existing videos that will give you even more opportunities to work out in ways that you may have never tried before. Because this is a subscription service, as long as you are a member, you can view these videos and work out no matter where you are.


Is this Exercise Videos Membership  Worth the Price?

Since everyone is trying to save money these days, you might not think that this is a good value for your money, but the opposite would be correct. In fact, most people who have gym memberships don’t even use them, but by bringing the gym to your own home, you will be more apt to work out and more apt to reach your training goals. Whether you are training for an upcoming event or just trying to lose some weight, these exercise videos are well worth the price.