Why Are Workout Videos So Popular?


Why Are Workout Videos So Popular?

DSCF4113 Why Are Workout Videos So Popular?

 With the rate of obesity in our nation, you might think that none of us ever have the opportunity to work out. Yet studies show that the number of people with gym memberships continues to grow – the problem is that no one is actually working out. They have memberships, but they don’t go. Getting motivated can be the hardest part of working out or reaching a particular health goal, and that is why workout videos are gaining in popularity.

Why Use Workout Videos?

From the early days of the Jane Fonda workout videos, men and women have been working out at home along to videos for decades. It still isn’t easy to get yourself off the couch, but it’s a lot easier than getting yourself to the gym. The only problem with workout videos in general is that if you are good about doing them on a regular basis, you are rewarded with boredom. It can be very tiresome working out to the same video over and over.

What Are Your Options?

You can always buy your own library of workout videos, but they will get boring eventually, and your body will eventually adapt to you doing the same exercises over and over again. That is one reason why more and more people are turning to a subscription service to work out online. Working out online is much easier than using your television for many reasons.

“I love these workouts. They are fun but challenging and there’s always something new.”

Cindy, MI

How Does It Work?

There is one website called tonned.com that uploads two new 30-minute workout videos for you every week. That means that you will have full access to eight original workouts per month, which is more enough to keep you challenged and prevent you from getting bored. In addition to these eight monthly videos, there is also a library of workouts that you can access if you are looking for something different.

Isn’t This the Same as Using DVDs?

A lot of people think that this is the same as using DVDs on your television, but there are some very big differences. First of all, because you know that you will be getting a new workout on a particular day, you will much more apt to go online and do it. So this adds to the motivating factor of the program.

The other difference is that because you are watching the workout videos on your computer, you don’t have to worry about configuring your television or hooking up cables to your DVD player. Just go to the website, launch the video and start working out.

Take Workout Videos Wherever You Go

Another feature that really makes this worthwhile is that because you won’t be relying on your television and DVD player, you can take your workouts wherever you have a computer and Internet connection. So if you want to work out at lunchtime while you are at work, you can. If you want to work out while you are on vacation, you can do that, too.

“I travel a lot so it is great to have a workout waiting for me when I hit the hotel.”

Bob, MO

Is This Worth It?

You can’t put a price on getting in shape, and whether you are struggling with obesity or you just want a way to get fitter without hitting the gym, then this is certainly worth the price. Having both variety and convenience in your workouts is essential to your success, and knowing that there is always a whole library of workouts videos waiting for you on your computer will make you more motivated to work out.


Before You Start Your Workout

workout ready Before You Start Your WorkoutEach year lots of people make the same New Year’s Resolution. Every year they say “this year I would like to get healthy.” “This may be the year I’ll get in shape” these people say ever year. Obviously performing both of these things takes a lot of work. If you’ve made resolutions like this for the year you might have probably already read the same basic information on multilple web sites. If you want to get healthy you should eat great food and get plenty of exercise. Surely there needs to be something else that you can do! The truth is that there is: you can prepare. Jumping right onto the health wagon and making all of your improvements simultaneously is really hard. Some plans need to be created first. You will be more likely to succeed if there is a plan in place.

The first thing you need to do is find the right equipment. While you don’t really need to really dress yourself in any particular shirts of pants when you work out, you do need to have the right shoes. You should never try to work out in the exact same shoes that you wear when you run errands. It is essential to wear the right shoes for your workout. If you don’t do that, it’s very likely that you’ll wind up with a number of injuries in your feet, ankles, legs and even the rest of your body too. Ask an expert for assistance on the kinds of shoes you should wear (trainers, running shoes, etc). What sorts of shoes you need to acquire will depend upon the workout routine you decide to do.

Meal setting up can help you figure out what to eat and when to eat it. When you begin trying to eat better it’s easy to think that you’ll manage to just start picking the much healthier stuff every time you go to a grocery store or a restaurant. This isn’t always the case. Old behaviors are hard to break, especially when you’re grocery shopping. If you decide to do your meal planning beforehand, you’ll know what to go shopping for, and what to cook for your meals. Planning can be done on a weekly or perhaps a monthly basis. This will also help you save time each night when you would normally be stressing out over figuring out things to make for dinner.

Learn everything you possibly can. Choosing a workout routine, choosing a meal plan, figuring out the best way to keep track of calories consumed and burned—it all takes research. Don’t worry, you can still take measures toward health during your learning process. The more you understand before you begin this new project, the more pleased you will be in the long run. Knowledge is how you will really manage to get healthy.

Wanting to get healthy is a great goal, but without some preparation it’s unlikely to happen. The plan is to produce a plan to follow so that you’re not likely to get distracted from your goal or stuck questioning what your next step should be. Good luck and keep in mind: fun is alright too!

Which Online Workout Videos Are Best?

Online Workout Videos1 300x168 Which Online Workout Videos Are Best?

Online Workout Videos-Click Image!

If you are in the market for online workout videos, then you are making a wise choice. Recent studies show that most people who have gym memberships don’t even use them, and with the rate of obesity continually on the rise, you should look for any opportunity you can find to work out.

The only things you need to make online workout videos work for you are a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and some room to move. This means that you can work out at home, while on vacation, while at someone else’s house, or in the evening when everyone else wants to watch television.

Which Ones Should You Choose?

It is important when you are looking at online workout videos that you keep in mind your own personal goals. Whether you are a trained athlete or you are someone who just needs to lose some weight, these kinds of videos can help you stay on target for your goals, but they have to be right for you.

Therefore, it is worth putting some time into thinking about what your goals are, what kind of workouts will benefit you most (i.e. cardio, strength, flexibility, etc.), and how much time you are really willing to dedicate to them.

How Can You Find Them?

When it comes to online workout videos, you really have two choices. You can either buy them and download them individually, or you can subscribe to a service that allows you to watch an unlimited amount of workouts. Most people find that the latter is best because it not only offers versatility, but it is more exciting doing workouts that are brand new each time, rather than the same one over and over again.

“Since I started doing these workouts, I have lost weight and it’s the first time I’ve been really able to stick to a workout program.”
Connie, WA

Which Ones Are Best?

There is one website called tonned.com, which offers a subscription on a monthly basis. For one low rate, you will get a brand new workout twice a week, with eight new workouts per month. In addition, you will also gain access to their entire library of online workout videos so the variety of workouts you will have open to you is virtually endless.

Each of these workouts is 30 minutes in length, which is enough for most people. If you want to do more, you can either repeat the workout or choose one of the others from the library.

“This is really fun because I don’t know what kind of workouts I’ll get each week.”
Peggy, IN

Is This the Right Program for You?

Of course, if you are thinking of investing money in your health and fitness, then you need to put in some serious thought. Obviously, there has to be a certain amount of dedication on your part, but by being able to work out in your own home with brand new workouts each time, you will have a much better chance of sticking to your program, no matter what it is.

These online workout videos are designed for people of all ages and abilities, and whether you are already in incredible shape and just want to burn some calories or you are someone who is overweight and looking to start a new life, they are still for you. With this kind of variety, you will always be inspired to log on and do your next workout, whether you are at home or on the road, which is a level of flexibility you just won’t get with your local gym or DVDs at home.